Are you paying more? Salary estimates based on today’s SME market

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As we prepare to get back to work; its important for us to prepare how our team, roles and salaries will also look like. In addition you will need to have a winning team.

Salary can be a very complicated topic, especially at this uncertain time. At the moment there is an increased focus on outcomes-based (rather than fee-based). I recognize that there is a time flux in the data, so don’t worry—I will keep you posted on the 2019/2020 salary survey we are in the process of conducting.

As part of our initiative to ensure you plan your return to work well. we will share

  • Previous salary survey information we have done for the SME market
  • Great candidates you can hire ( No hidden costs) to start building your team

Salary Estimate Information

Kenya0 – 3YRS’ EXP4 – 6 YRS’ EXP7+ YRS’ EXP 
Managing Director/ CEO    Board to DetermineBoard to Determine
Finance Manager/ Controller/Operations Manager    150,000- 200,000180,000- 350,000
Sales Manager (Fixed and Variable- Commissions)    200,000250,000>
Sales and Marketing Manager ( Fixed and Variable- Commissions)    300,00- 400,000500,000 >
HR Manager  60,000- 80,00070,000- 100,000120,000- 200,000130,000- 250,000
Accountants( Payables, Receivables)30,000 – 40,00035,000- 50,00055,000- 70,00055,000- 70,00070,000- 80,00075,000- 95,000
Operations/ Procurement /Stores20,000- 35,00020,000- 45,00050,000- 60,00070,000- 80,000100,000- 150,000300,000>
Graphic Design/ Photographer/Video grapher 20,000- 25,00030,00030,000- 50,00060,000- 85,00075,000- 120,000
Account Manager/ Sales Executives30,00035,000- 40,00060,000- 80,00060,000- 80,000120,000- 140,000120,000- 140,000
Support Staff( Office , Rider, Driver, Office assistant , cleaner)15,00018,00018,00020,00030,00030,000
IT Officer /Software Developer35,00035,00060,00060,000- 70,000150,000- 200,000200,000- 250,000
Marketing/Digital30,00035,00080,00080,000- 120,000150,000- 200,000200,000- 250,000

Candidates you can hire ( No Hidden Costs)

Candidate 1: Saverio Kariithi – Sales FMCG 

Key Interests

I would like to handle FMCG as a territory representative.During my previous tenure I have always locked my targets within the stipulated timelines and even surpassed. Given an opportunity to work in organisation I’m not only a sales minded person but I’m very great in execution which makes me exceptional during my probation period. Given 100 days, I will showcase my expertise towards achieving organizations goals as well as mine.

My First 100 Days

Given 10M Ksh as a target,I would seek for new prospects and at least in a day map 15 new and ensure at least out of the 15, I have convinced 9 to buy my product. This would support me since I already have existing outlets in the territory. This would mean that each client will at least gives me a value of only Ksh 500,000 .This means from the new leads alone I would be making 4.5M daily. Due to the current Covid time I would stretch my daily visits to 35 which means I’ll see at least 20 existing leads and ensure 15 of them buys at least a value of 450k since its a reorder which will add up to 6.75M hence 6.75M+4.5M=11.25M.

Want more information about Saverio : LinkedIn Page: Saverio Kariithi

Want to hire Saverio and more information on his background check reports: Send us an email


Candidate 2: Wangechi Njoroge – Business Development and Senior Sales 

Key Interests 

Fintech,Tech transport/logistics, telecommunications, Energy sector (solution sales), Agritech

My First 100 Days

My main objective is to identify the gaps in the flow of goods/service to the customer, generate monthly revenue of about 40M from various routes and ultimately develop sustainable growth while being extremely cost-conscious to ensure the bottom line is fat and healthy.

1. SWOT (Wk 1-2)

Data collection/fact finding mission and studying portfolio to quickly identify low hanging fruits. Revenue drivers, cash cows and identify opportunities that exist. For cash cow routes, can we sell more through them in terms of product mix or quantities to increase the vendors’ reach hence higher revenues and larger profit margins?


Ask for freedom and support from the executive team.

Pilot a small area, establish demand and appoint new vendors. For example, if a route serves 50 vendors placing at least three orders every week worth Ksh 1,500 each, translates to Ksh 900,000 a month for just one route. If that can be applied to at least half of the 100 routes in place – exponential growth.

Seek out partners to cleverly automate the process and demand creation within the area via USSD as it is low cost, maybe 3 SMS a week. Study demand and advice vendors on safety stock and costs that come with stock-outs.

Use the real-time data which is a product of automation to review progress regularly and timely. It also creates visibility for the team involved in the pilot e.g. daily E-mails at a specific time, weekly progress review meetings.

Improve last-mile delivery through automation by better management of the drivers in addition to the process. Long-term – seek to outsource transportation and logistics. Efficient and timely delivery ensures that the vendor receives their produce on-time, sells within the desired period and makes a timely re-order. This promotes more accurate forecasting and projections and drives desired revenues.

Route-optimization also improves last-mile delivery.

3. REVIEW (Wk 10-12)

Link the results with initial objectives and pivot strategy if necessary.

Align Sales with Marketing for branding visibility to empower all vendors regardless of location to tell the brand story.

Want more information about Wangechi : LinkedIn Page: Wangechi Njoroge

Want to hire Wangechi and more information on her Background check reports: Send us an email

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